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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Flyers may be an excellent way to market your product, service, event, or business for a variety of reasons. Flyers are low-cost to print and distribute because they're affordable yet can still reach far distances with minimal cost. They offer quick turnaround which makes them perfect for delivering important messages in times when people need the information immediately; either because it's urgent news about products going out of stock soon or because there is something that needs to happen urgently. Flyers also make great additions to existing digital marketing strategy by echoing what has been put online already.

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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Flyers are no longer just for club promoters. These days, you'll find these informative pieces of paper being distributed by businesses, organizations, individuals, and even politicians alike. With so many different kinds of flyers out there- they're a cost-effective way to communicate messages to your targeted audience while giving them an idea of what your business or organization has to offer. Not only do flyers provide convenience but they're also easy to read.

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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Sure thing! When delivered by targeted mail or door drop, flyers are still an effective way to market. Here's the proof: With unaddressed leaflets handed out, 57% of people open them right away and 8% will open one within 28 days. 5% glanced at or looked at one in some form (but didn't read it) while only 23% have done so if you count those who opened anything from reading to skimming after being handed a leaflet on the street.

Flyers can be used for all sorts of things - introducing your company, running promotions, just bringing attention to something - but they're always cost-effective.

Feel free to add information in tiny chunks; let creativity show through when you design them!

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